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Understanding your Results and FAQs

Understanding your results.

The standard EN 18184 classifies samples as having a “Good Effect” if they achieve >2 log (99.99%) reduction or “Excellent Effect” if they achieve >3 log (99.999%) reduction.

Item Antiviral efficacy value,Mv Standard
Tested textile product 3,0 > Mv ≥ 2,0 Good effect (99.99%)
Mv ≥ 3,0 Excellent effect (99.999%)


Can we test for efficacy against Coronavirus?
We are currently using Feline Coronavirus as a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 as the outbreak strain is not available for commercial testing.

Can we test against multiple viruses?
Yes, please select each virus from the drop down list, if you would like a specific virus that is not listed please contact us in an email on

Can we test against bacteria?
Yes, if you require this service, please contact us directly on

What contact times can we test with?
The standard permits contact times from 2 to 24 hours.

How much does the ISO 18184 testing cost?
Testing costs from £550.00 per textile against one organism.

How much sample do we require?
We require approximately 20cmx20cm of sample per textile, plus a control (untreated) sample, the same size.

When should I send my samples?
Once you have completed a submission please send the samples straight away.

Where do I send my samples to?
Please send samples to the following address:
F.A.O Textiles Team
Microbiological Solutions Ltd

BL9 5NA (Courier)
BL9 5NB (Royal Mail)

When do I need to make a payment?
Once your samples have been received at the laboratory an invoice will be issued with 7 days payment terms.

 When can I expect my report?
You will receive your report on the date you select during the submission process.

I have submitted my request but need to make a change, what should I do?
Please contact us directly on